Sunday, October 3, 2010


It has been a super crazy week, and seeing as this Friday is not only October 1st but a day Jonathan is playing a show, we decided to watch our first movie early!

So today, we watched Halloweentown!

Basically this girl Marnie is 13 and arguing with her mom that she wants to go out on Halloween. Her mom of course says no, and we found out that her mom won't let her, her nerdy younger brother, or her "someone's coming" little sister celebrate Halloween or talk about magic. That night their grandmother, who is obviously a witch comes in on a flying bus and disrupts their evening, and later reveals something "bad" is happening at "home." Home of course is Halloweentown and as tonight is the last night before Marnie loses her powers if she doesn't train, of course the kids find a way to sneak back to Halloweentown with grandma without mom noticing. And this is the story of what happens there :)

Karen: I picked this movie because I loved watching it as a kid. I remember it being on the Disney channel which I totally stuck to even when I was too old (yeah, I thought it was appropriate to sing High School Musical tunes in the halls of my actual High School). To me it is just a good Halloween staple that is not frightening but cute and conforms to my youthful belief that one day I will have magic powers either because I am Matilda or because I will finally get my Hogwarts acceptance letter (it is clearly a higher education institution and they send out letters at 21, not 11). Anyway it is good-natured and I love it, but Jonathan has never seen it, so I wanted to know what he thought.
Jonathan: This movie was really cute! While watching it I kept imagining that it would be awesome if they did a gritty modern remake, like the new Batman movies. Haha. But seriously I was entertained and for some reason I really want to know what happens in the sequels. Of course it's a movie made for kids and because of that when the movie wraps up in a happy ending it doesn't make a lot of sense. For example, the kid's mother undergoes a complete role reversal and changes her opinion about magic and witchery once the day has been saved. I could go into detail on all of the movies faults, but why bother? It's a cute kids movie and I had a good time.

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